Calender/Events 2021 - 2022

New members are always welcome to attend a meeting.  Due to Covid-19, our meetings will be held in-person and via Zoom until otherwise notified. Our in-person meetings will be held at the Milton Public Library.  Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 1:00 p.m. from September through May. Links to the Zoom meeting will be sent out prior to any meeting.
*Please note this calendar may be subject to change.

September 14, 2021     General Member Meeting - Approval of Budget; Dues due ($30)                                                                 Via Zoom and In-Person at the Grace Church, 514 Union St., Milton, DE

October 14, 2021          General Member Meeting - Civic Engagement and Outreach: Speaker                                                      Bobbi Jo Tice, Volunteer Del 50+

                                      Via Zoom and In-Person at the Grace Church, 514 Union St., Milton, DE

November 9, 2021        General Member Meeting -  Education/Libraries: Speaker Mary Catherine                                                  Hopkins, Director of the Milton Library        

                                      Via Zoom and In-Person at the Milton Public Library

December 7, 2021        Annual Christmas Luncheon - Victoria's Restaurant, Rehoboth Beach

December 11, 2021       Holly Festival WCOM Bake Sale, Hand Made Quilt and Painting Raffle                                                      9:00am - 3:00pm Milton Fire Hall and outside the Milton Historical Society


January 11, 2022          General Member Meeting -  Cancelled due to Covid surge; newsletter will be                                            sent out to all members with important information and updates                       


January 17, 2022          Martin Luther King Day of Service - Civic Engagement and Outreach: Clothing                                          Collection (Gloves, hats, scarves, sox, and flashlights) for the Shepherds Office


February 2022               Arts& Culture/Civic Engagement & Outreach: Making Valentine's Day Cards at                                          home  

February 8, 2022          General Member Meeting - Arts and Culture: Valentine's Tea & Zen Doodle                                                Class with Lynda Rae Gannon, VP Milton Arts Guild.  Meeting held on Zoom  


March 5, 2022               GFWC DSFWC Federation Day - Luncheon and Auction - Harington Raceway                                          and Casino - Doors open at 10:30 - contact Linda King for reservations; contact                                        Jean Bekeshka to purchase raffle tickets        


March 8, 2022               General Member Meeting - Health & Wellness/Civic Engagement & Outreach -                                          Guest Speaker Ingrid Miller, Village Volunteers; member survey distributed

                                      Via Zoom and In-person at the Milton Public Library         


March 12, 2022             Women's History Conference - "Celebrating Women in Delaware" Zoom              1- 3 PM                          Program with Speakers: Esthelda Parker Selby and Kathleen Schell - Joint with                                        Sunshine Circle Club - Preregistration required                                    


April 12, 2022                General Member Meeting - Brunch followed by Election of Officers;                                                            Presentation on WCOM Committee Development/Planning for 2022 and                                                    Beyond.  Ellen DeRosa and Pam Sweeney                                            

                                      Via Zoom and In-person at the Milton Public Library

May 3, 2022                  Bingo - Milton Fire Hall - Pam Sweeney, Chair

May 10, 2022                General Member Meeting - Guest Speaker Dan McLean of the Lewes                                                      Beekeeper's Club speaking on "A Brief History of Beekeeping and What Bees                                           Do for Us."

                                      Via Zoom and In-person at the Milton Public Library

May 17, 2022                GFWC DSFWC  125th Annual Convention - Dewey Beach, DE                                          

June 14, 2022               Installation Luncheon - 1776 Restaurant