WCOM Contributes to Beebe Hospital and the

Milton Community Foundation during the

Covid-19 Pandemic


In order to assist in the Covid-19 pandemic response, the Women’s Club of Milton (WCOM) has made a $1,000 donation to the Milton Community Foundation (MCF).  This contribution will help those in need due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The MCF will use donations to purchase and distribute food gift cards to local families impacted by the pandemic.


Also, with thanks to Elaine Carbone, the Women’s Club of Milton (WCOM) recently donated its supply of "booties" (shoe covers) to Beebe Healthcare during the Covid -19 outbreak.  The WCOM maintains a supply of shoe covers in case of inclement weather during our annual Milton Holiday House Tour.  Since the weather had been fine for the past two years, we had 1,840 booties (920 pairs) on hand.  Elaine called Senator Ernie Lopez to find out if there was a need for our booties.  He in turn contacted Beebe Hospital and they said yes, they'd love to have them. The booties have been placed in a central location in Beebe Hospital and were distributed to where they were needed. 


During this difficult time for so many, the WCOM recognizes the needs of our Milton community and urges others within the community to donate if at all possible. The WCOM is able to make these donations possible through the tremendous support of the community during our fundraising efforts.